Colored Background Mandala Making

 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM | 2nd Dec

Garima Tomer


About the Artform

A mandala is a symbol of the universe for many Buddhists and Hindus. Most mandalas have colorful, detailed geometric patterns or designs. Mandalas are a type of religious and spiritual art with a deep significance for many people. ... The word mandala itself simply means "circle" in Sanskrit.

About the Session

In this session, you will learn about coloured mandala layers overlapping each other. You will also learn to work with shapes and patterns, grid of mandala, work on its harmony and symmetry and learn how to create depth in a mandala.

This is a 'beginner-friendly' session. (Age: 10+).

Materials Required

  • A5 sheet (100Gsm+)
  • Sketch pens/brush pens (multicolor)
  • A transparent sheet/polythene
  • Black pens
  • Compass
  • Pencil, eraser and ruler
  • Brush and water

About the Artist

Garima Tomer

She is a mandala artist from Uttar Pradesh. She has been into art since her childhood and started making Zentangles. Eventually she came across mandalas and haven't stopped since then. Making mandalas gives her peace and power!

Dive Deep into the art of Mandala Making with us here!

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM IST

Thursday, 2nd Dec


Live workshop would be conducted on Zoom App. For the best experience join the workshop from your laptop/desktop or watch on phone on landscape mode

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In case if you are unable to attend the live workshop due to technical reasons, please call the below number - +91 8904012696