Ribbon Lettering 101

 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM | 29th Oct

Angelus Amy


About the Artform

In this session, you will learn about Ribbon Lettering, which is a fun style that makes letterforms turn into flowy ribbons.  The art form has a step-based method of using and letter form and turning it into that of a ribbon, which involves understanding color variations to play with light, shadow, and highlights.
This is a 'beginner-friendly session! (Age: 15+)

About the Session

In this workshop you will learn how to convert the basic letterforms into something that looks like ribbons. There are various different styles that can be explored, but we will be learning the most basic principles and techniques which can later be built upon for more variations.
This is a 'beginner-friendly session! (Age: 15+)

Materials Required

  • A5 size paper
  • Brush pens OR sketch pens OR Color pencils
  • Pencil, eraser
  • Black Gel pen
  • White gel pen (Optional)

About the Artist

Angelus Amy

She is self-taught calligraphy and hand-lettering artist from Kolkata. The city's rich literary heritage inspired her to pursue the art of writing in the form of handwritten letters and notes. She aims to bring out the essence of calligraphy, which might look luxurious but is actually very simple. Now she has conducted live sessions and over 100+ workshops both offline and online.

Come and learn the art of Ribbon Lettering with us!

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Friday, 29th Oct


Live workshop would be conducted on Zoom App. For the best experience join the workshop from your laptop/desktop or watch on phone on landscape mode

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In case if you are unable to attend the live workshop due to technical reasons, please call the below number - +91 8904012696