Replay - Resin Coasters with Bougainvillea Flowers

 Duration : 4 hours

Full Replay of LIVE Workshop

₹3000 including GST


About the Workshop

Get an overview of Resin Art and its techniques, Learn to dry flowers, leaves and to add them to the resin, Understand the do's and dont's of the artform and how to work with it, Learn to make two coasters using resin, Participate in a Q&A session with the artist, At the end of the 2-day workshop, you will have made 2 stunning resin coasters to keep your dining table spotless!

Resin is a unique compound of chemicals that hardens to form a more durable material. The synthetic substance can be used to create objects from molds or be added to a piece of artwork to protect it from wear. The material has a glass-like luster and plastic-like composition which has made it popular among artists. The medium is fun to work with and produced unique and abstract patterns on the canvas.

About the Artist

Vidushi J nahar

She is an MBA graduate, but is an artist in her heart. She loves experimenting with different artforms and crafts to explore her creative side. She indulges in artforms that include resin, gouache, acrylics, watercolors, and sculpting clay.

Materials Required

  • 300 gms of resin and hardener
  • 2 reusable silicon moulds
  • Dry bougainvillea and leaves
  • Pigment
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Gloves
  • Gold leaf
  • Weighing scale
  • Hair dryer

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More Like A Classroom

Being a replay of an actual live workshop, where students interacted with the instructor, it will give you more of a classroom experience.

Longer Durations and Better Creations

Masterclasses are longer in length due to the profound focus on the art which in turn facilitates better output from the learners.

Get in Touch with the Artist

After the masterclass, you can get in touch with the artist through Instagram, and get clarifications & comments on your artwork!

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