Hand Dye Your Cushion Covers

 Starts on 31st Oct | 5:30 pm

Shivani Thakkar Shah

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Course Highlights
🕐 1 Day, 2 Hrs
🗓 Sun, 31 Oct, 5:30 PM IST
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Try your hands at Shibori, the ancient Japanese artform. Transform your cushion covers with unique and colorful tie and dye patterns!

In this session, you will:

  • Understand the history and relevance of Shibori
  • Learn about the history and relevance of natural dyes
  • Learn about the fabrics that can be used
  • The basics of Shibori- Folding and binding techniques to create beautiful designs on your cushion covers
  • Learn how to make a dye bath using natural dyes
  • Learn how to dye the cushion covers
  • Learn how to fix colors on fabrics and achieve long-lasting colors
  • By the end of class, you will finish the dye process and be amazed as the stunning patterns are unfolded and revealed!

About the Artform

Shibori is a centuries old Japanese art form. Originated in the 1600s as the traditional art, it continues to be a vital practice today. “Shibori” when translated means to wring or squeeze. Using thread to isolate many small repeated points on the fabric; and is then dyed to create captivating designs, that tend to be intricate and detailed.

Flow of the Workshop

  • Introduction to Shibori and its techniques
  • Overview of fabrcis that can be used
  • Make the dye bath
  • Dye the cushion covers in the bath

Who is this Workshop for?

  • If you're interested in exploring ancient Shibori techniques, this workshop is for you.
  • If you want to revamp your cushion covers in an eco-friendly way, join this workshop.
  • The workshop is beginner-friendly (Age 15+)

About the Artist

Shivani Thakkar Shah

She is the founder of HueCoast which started in May 2019 as a creative dream which turned into a design destiny and made her leave her corporate job. It deals with all products of Tie Dye/Shibori in various categories from home to fashion to stationery. With an idea to spread her knowledge, she started taking workshops on Shibori. Now, each and every piece in her shop is a masterpiece in itself!

Just tie and start dyeing!

 Sunday, 31st Oct

 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM IST

Further Prospects and Application of What you will be Learning

This workshop will equip you with the skills you need to apply tie and dye techniques to an array of clothes and products. You can go ahead and give makeovers to your pillow covers, bedsheets, tablecloths, handkerchiefs and what not!

Make your home Diwali ready!

 Sunday, 31st Oct

 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM IST


Live workshop would be conducted on Zoom App. For the best experience join the workshop from your laptop/desktop or watch on phone on landscape mode

Registration is compulsory to attend, Ensure you join via the same mail ID you register with

In case if you are unable to attend the live workshop due to technical reasons, please call the below number - +91 8088686975



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