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 Islamic Geometric Pattern

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  • This module contains This module contains step-by-step guidelines for constructing Geometric pattern and is the original artwork of Arwa Khopoliwala. The module contains guidelines for constructing "The Great Mosque of Kairouan Pattern".
  • The Great Mosque of Kairouan also known as the Mosque of Uqba is a mosque situated in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Kairouan, Tunisia and is one of the most impressive and largest Islamic monuments in North Africa.
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About the Artform

The Geometric patterns are among the most recognizable visual expressions of Islamic art and architecture. Geometric shapes like circle, square, hexagon, triangle etc. with help of infinite number of lines form simple to complex patterns that become a treat to the eyes!

How to get started?

  • Buy this module and learn how to construct Geometric Patterns
  • Practice and create your own artwork by using these patterns
  • Download the PDF and Print as many copies as you want
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Materials Required

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ball pen/ Technical pen/ Gel pen
  • Color pencils/ Sketch pens
  • Channel your creativity and use any art supplies that are available!

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