About the workshop

This art form has been around for a while; it was popular in 70s s learning mathematics, but it is enjoying a comeback as a simple and fun way to make your own artwork for home decor. This retro craft requires very few materials and is an inexpensive way to add some personality to your space around. It's an excellent project for beginners, too. So here are things we have mentioned that we use to create a piece of string art.

What will you learn

During the workshop, you will learn about the arrangement of colored thread strung between points to form geometric patterns.
The following topics will be covered during the session:
  • A brief introduction to hammering nails to create the pattern
  • Different techniques to create patterns with strings
  • One will also learn its applications on various materials to create beautiful wall decor.
  • All the participants will be asked to share their final work at the end of the workshop.
  • tips and tricks of creating various compositions.

Your instructor for the masterclass

Anjani Tank


She is an art Director by profession and an artistic since childhood. She is blessed with a loving and supportive family, who appreciates her talent and creativity, she takes pride in her skills at the art she creates. Even though she wasn’t the best at studying, she realized that her true interest lies in art very early on. After several lessons from online tutorials, she began her artistic journey towards who she really is and what she truly loves. Her technique with String Art is sharp and the result of all the hard work she puts in is commendably clean and accurate. She chooses color palettes, the wood, threads, and nails herself, and doesn’t stop changing things until the art satisfies her. “Art is the only thing that has no boundaries and you can create your own rules.”

Materials Required

1. Wooden base
2. Stencil /design 
3. Strings 
4. Nails 
5. Hooks and screws

Let's hammer down our creativity!

String art is a unique and engaging way to create an art piece that will be treasured for years to come