About the Workshop

Marble printing or painting is a type of fluid artwork which is done to give a marble-like effect in an object. Learn the techniques of marble printing and transform your old ceramic/glass object into a stunning piece of art.
This is a beginner-friendly workshop, and there is no age limit!

What will you learn

  • Introduction to marble prints
  • Introduction to materials
  • Introduction floating principles
  • Method and Technique for Marbling effect
  • Guidance for Marbling on different materials
  • Method to keep marble prints permanent

Your instructor for the masterclass

Jainee Shah


She is a self learned artist innovating with various art forms like fluid art, marble printing, madhubani art, pencil colors, portraits, abstract art, and many more. Art has always been part of her life. She believes that art gives her wings to express herself with freedom. For her, it is a teacher, meditation, happiness, story keeper, Guardian, and her own way of dealing with life experiences. Through Art, exploration is endless, and she thinks one never stops learning from it.

Materials required

  • Any ceramic/glass item: Mug, cup, saucer, glass, plate
  • 2-3 shades of nail paint
  • A deep vessel/container half-filled with water
  • Plastic/garbage bag
  • Large size plastic bag to cover the vessel
  • Tissue paper/rough cloth
  • Water-based sealer (not compulsory)
  • Flat brush & round brush

Preparation: Cover your work area with rough paper or plastic cover