About the Workshop

Learn to draw quirky Madhubani motifs and patterns and create your own handpainted artwork. A beginner friendly workshop where you can dive into a contemporary form of Madhubani art.


Shamli Das


A self-learned Madhubani artist, Shamli has her own take on Madhubani while maintaining the original essence of the art form. One can get easily mesmerized by the finesse, attention to detail and happiness seen in Shamli’s designs. Along with the traditional Madhubani elements such as peacock, fish and elephant, her addition of other designs such as the owl, a variety of Christmas elements and of course, the “Tamarind Tree”, truly makes her work stand out. With a keen intent to sustain the art form, Shamli also conducts workshops for Madhubani Art in Bangalore, India quite often.

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Materials Required

  • Handmade paper/ cartridge paper (min 140 gsm) ,pen, pencil, any waterproof fine liner.
  • Paint brushes sized - 0,2,3,4,5
  • Any waterproof BLACK fine liner / pigment liner
  • And fevicryl colours


“I have been following Shamli and Zwende for almost 5 years now. Always used to feel those to be lucky who were able to attend d Madhubani sessions. Seems this quarantine lockdown gifted me something which always was a dream for me. Attending a workshop with Shamli. She is so detailed, patient, giving about her art that one doesn’t realize how time flies by. She Definitely is an expert in her field and all thanks to Zwende for providing the platform. Looking forward to many more sessions with her.”

Vibha Garg

“Detailed Step by step instructions were given. Excellent experience. Loved it !!!”


“The class was very well conducted. Mam taught us very nicely. She gave attention to all the participants... this was the best thing about her.”

Gauri Kasautyar

“Loved the experience overall! I am basically not so much into drawings but her way of teaching and techniques really impressed me. Thank you Zwende for this opportunity!”


“It was a great session. The knowledge shared was nice and interesting..enjoyed the session...looking forward to more sessions from the artist.”