About the workshop

Doodling is expression of thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings in an aesthetically pleasing art-form

Your instructor for the masterclass

Muhammad Sufyan

Hello there! This is Shaikh Muhammad Sufyan, from Mumbai. I had graduated in the field of Mechanical Engineering and later realized it was not my cup of tea! Currently I am working for Business Operations at OYO and I love my work there! I had been doodling and sketching since childhood. Currently I am building my own style of this art by learning it from other artists on Social Media Platforms by exploring their styles.

Materials required

  • A4 size sheet of paper (Higher the GSM better the quality of doodles)
  • Regular black gel pen/ black sketch marker

What will you learn

This will be a basic session for those who are exploring doodling at a beginner's level. Following topics will be covered during the session:
  • Brief introduction to Doodling
  • Warm-Up
  • Step by step process of doodling right from choosing a theme in the beginning till final inking in the end.
  • All the participants will be asked to share their final work at the end of the workshop.
  • This workshop will help the participants to learn basics of doodling and how feelings, thoughts and emotions can be inquired inculcated into their artworks.

Are the last pages of your notebook filled with doodles?

Well, it's time to up your game with this workshop tailored for beginners!