About the workshop

Dreamcatchers are adopted from native American cultures where a spider like web is woven inside a willow hoop, that's believed to bring positivity and protect us from bad dreams. Now a days, they're widely used as home decor that adds a positive vibe to the atmosphere. In this workshop we shall learn the basics of a Dreamcatcher where a kit will be shipped to your doorstep as well!

Your instructor for the workshop

Tejaswini Gopalakrishnan


She worked as a software engineer at an MNC for 3 years after which she quit her job to pursue her passion - art & handicrafts. Her establishment, Junicorn Crafts has provided employment opportunities to women from marginalized backgrounds. She also manages an online store of quality materials for dreamcatchers to help fellow artists with their art.

What will you learn

During the workshop, you will learn about the symbolic aspects of the dream catcher and make your own dreamcatcher.

The following will be covered during the session:

  • A brief introduction to weaving
  • Wrapping hoop
  • Step by step process of web weaving.
  • Tips and tricks of attaching feathers.

Ward off all your nightmares and let only the good dreams get through with this dream catcher!

The workshop covers the fundamental knots that can be used to create decorative and functional shapes to adorn your homes with your own designs.