About the workshop

This is a Kids special workshop.
Some straight out of a fairy tale, some out of a horror movie and some from a Christmas carol! Learn to doodle some fun buildings and castle-like structures and add some fun character to it. Your imagination has no limits and these structures don't need to have them too. So who's up for this fun doodling workshop! Let's put on our creative construction hats on, ready our pencils & pens, and build our imagination away!

Materials required

  • Any sheet of paper
  • Color pencils
  • Pens, Pencil & Eraser

Your instructor for the masterclass

Mayuri Choudhary


An IIT Bombay Grad, a traveler, and an artist who dabbles in writing poetry and video/photography as well has been creating memories of her travels using Urban Sketching art for almost 7.5 years. She publishes her artworks and other creative pursuits on her Instagram