About the Workshop

Aipan is one of the traditional art (painting form) of Kumaon. It has great social, cultural, and religious significance. Aipans are known by different names and are popular in many parts of India with larger variations. It is called Alpana in Bengal, Satiya in Gujrat, Rangoli in Maharashtra, Chowk pooran in UP, and Kolam in South India.
The traditional Aipan of Kumaon are drawn in linear art, geometrical designs, Flowers or imprints. These are mostly drawn for decorative purpose.

What you will learn

  • Blending of Colors
  • Art of Symmetry
  • Intricate Patterns

Your instructor for the masterclass

Abhilasha Paliwal


Abhilasha Paliwal did Diploma in Fashion Designing from ONGC College Dehradun. After that she worked in various companies as Merchandiser for 6 years in Delhi. In October 2019 she decided to stay in Haldwani and started firm Parvatajan Kalakriti to work on traditional local art of Uttarakhand and modernise various products with some wonderful Aipan designs which includes the first ever toran with religious symbols in Aipan design. Some of the other products are paintings, tote bag, diaries, pots and coasters.

Materials required (Not Compulsory)

  • Canvas board/Canvas roll
  • Brush - 000 brush, 00 brush, 6/8 no. flat brush
  • Colours - red & white acrylic colour
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Compass
  • Eraser

Explore the beauty of Aipan when it comes to making a unique and one of a kind art work!