About the Artform
The word Ombre is derived from the French word ombrer which means to shade. Ombrer, translated from the Italian ombrare and umbra, literally means ” to shade or shadow.” Its current definition is “having colors that shade into each other – used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

About the Session
This session will teach you how to paint an ombre canvas painting in 5 easy steps. You can use the ombre design as a background for quotes or lyrics, to create the look of a sky, or hang it right on the wall!

Materials Required

  • 1 stretched canvas board/ thick paper
  • 2Acrylic Paint (choose two contrasting colors that you can use right out of the tube. For this you can keep Cerulean Blue and Titanium White)
  • 2 wide bristle paint brushes
  • Paint pallet (or a paper plate)
  • Jar of water

About the Artist

Anjali Goel


She is an art educator and art therapist by profession. Having obtained a Master's degree in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda, she has had over 9 years of experience in using art as a tool to improve one's life. She has conducted several workshops and therapy sessions with corporate giants like Google India, Chumbak and BYJU'S. She is also the co-founder of Studio Printmaking and has been awarded the title of 'Best Emerging Artist' by Amity Foundation.

Come lets learn the technique of ombre effect!

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM IST
Thursday, 12th Aug


These are a set of general instructions for the session. The link to the session would be available post-registration.

  • Live sessions would be conducted on Zoom App. For the best experience join the session from your laptop/desktop or watch on phone on landscape mode.

  • Registration is compulsory to attend, Ensure you join via the same mail ID you register with.

  • In case if you are unable to attend the live session due to technical reasons, please call the below number - +91 7760130711.