About the workshop

The Canvas

Overall Details

This workshop will introduce you to One Stroke painting. You will learn to make a floral stroke and leaf stroke for poinsettia flower and will also gain the skill of handling paints on a candle surface.

About the Artform

One Stroke painting is a popular and interesting decorative painting technique that involves loading a brush with two separate colors and achieving shades and highlights in just one stroke. Donna Dewberry from USA is the inventer of this artform.
One stroke painting is used to create multicolored floral and botanical strokes that embellish any ordinary, smooth surface.

The colours in the palette

Elements you will learn

  • How to load two or more colors on a flat brush
  • How to blend colors
  • How to do floral strokes and leaf strokes on paper
  • When and where to give pressure on the brush to get the best results
  • How to apply these strokes on a candle
  • How to seal the painting

Who is this workshop “just right” for?

This workshop is perfect for:

  • A nature lover 
  • Anyone above of the age 10 years
  • Anyone who is a beginner and wishes to learn a new artform

Materials Required

  • 2 round pillar candles (3" x 3")
  • Flat and round brushes

Other Materials Required:

  • Acrylic colors: Crimson lake, Titanium white, Permanent green deep, Olive green, Yellow (any shade)
  • Palette for blending the colors
  • Spare cloth
  • Water in a bowl

Your instructor for the workshop

Nirupama Chirmade


She learned one stroke art from Donna Drewberry during her 9-year stint in the USA and has been conducting workshops ever since. She's an entrepreneur and the founder of Niru's world of art.

The scope of creativity

Further prospects and application of what you will be learning

After learning one stroke art you will be able to apply this on any smooth surface like wood, metal, glass, canvas, etc. to turn something ordinary into something exquisite.

Pre-requisites / Preparation prior to the workshop

For this workshop, you can set up your workspace on a table or any flat surface. Make sure you are not sitting right under the fan or next to an open window, since acrylic paints dry very fast. Also make sure you keep all your materials ready prior to the session.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn!

  • More like a classroom

    Being a replay of an actual live workshop, where students interacted with the instructor, it will give you more of a classroom experience.

  • Longer durations and better creations

    Workshops are longer in length due to the profound focus on the art which in turn facilitates better output from the learners.

  • Get in touch with the artist

    You can get in touch with the artist through Instagram, and get clarifications & comments on your artwork!