About the Artform

Crochet originated in Arabia, spread eastward to Tibet and westward to Spain, from where it followed the Arab trade routes to other Mediterranean countries. Crochet is a highly versatile yarn craft which can be learnt easily with proper guidance. Crocheting creates mindfulness and is a great stress buster. It also helps in improving physical and cognitive dexterity.

About the Workshop

The Canvas

Overall Details

This is a fun workshop where you will be learning the basics of crochet and creating a beautiful Christmas gift! You will make a crochet bottle cover which can be used over bottles.

The colours in the palette

Elements you will learn

  • Crochet basics - The right technique to hold your hook, yarn and adjust tension so that you can create even stitches. 
  • Learn how to make a crochet bottle cover.  

Who is this workshop “just right” for?

  • Suitable for all adults irrespective of their gender. 
  • Suitable for kids who have some practice trying their hand at crochet.
  • This will be a beginner friendly workshop: Step-by-step narration with closeups on all the details, so you feel confident in the process from start to finish.

The Picasso of the show

About the Artist

Meghana Rao


She is a yarn addict and a creator of crochet apparel and accessories. She is a communications and leadership facilitator as well as an entrepreneur. "Fun fact about her - spot her crochet hat in the picture!"

Materials Required

  • 3 colors of yarn
  • 3 sizes of Crochet hooks
  • Stitch markers  

Other Materials Required:  

  • One pair of scissors
  • Bottle, for which the crochet cover will be made.

*Please note: If you haven't purchased the material kit, you need the following materials:

  • Crochet hook of size 3.25 mm*
  • Cotton crochet yarn ball of anchor size 10 (any color)*

The scope of creativity

Further prospects and application of what you will be learning

Crochet is a wonderful skill which will help you to relax and create beautiful designs. At the end of this workshop, you will feel confident to explore and create more crochet projects of your own choice.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn!

  • More like a classroom

    Being a replay of an actual live workshop, where students interacted with the instructor, it will give you more of a classroom experience.

  • Longer durations and better creations

    Workshops are longer in length due to the profound focus on the art which in turn facilitates better output from the learners.

  • Get in touch with the artist

    You can get in touch with the artist through Instagram, and get clarifications & comments on your artwork!