About the Artform

Cheriyal Scroll Painting is a traditional art which is a pride of Telangana State. In the olden days the rural regions found entertainment through several activities like puppetry, folklore story telling etc. Cheriyal scroll painting is one such vital mode of storytelling. The story tellers used to carry scroll paintings from one village to the other. They sang songs that complimented the hand painted images on the Cheriyal scroll.

About the workshop

The Canvas

Overall Details

In this two-day workshop, you will learn about Cheriyal Scroll Paintings and masks. The paintings use kadhi cloth and natural stone colors. The masks are made with Tamarind seeds paste, sawdust and natural colors.
At the end of the workshop, you will take home your own beautiful Cheriyal painting!

The colours in the palette

Elements you will learn

Day 1

  • Brief about Cheriyal artform
  • How to draw local motifs 
  • How to draw Cheriyal human figures and natural elements 
  • How to paint borders for your painting 
  • How to draw outline of Cheryial painting
  • Downloadable outline sheet of the final artwork will be available prior to the workshop

Day 2

  • How to compose Cheriyal paintings
  • How to paint human figures and jewellery
  • How to paint local motifs 
  • How to paint Cheriyal human figures and natural elements 
  • Brief about the paints to be used    
  • Q&A session
  • Tips and techniques

Who is this workshop “just right” for?

  • This workshop is for anybody who is artistically inclined and wants to explore Indian traditions and culture.
  • It is a beginner friendly workshop. (Age 15+)

Picasso of the show

About the Artist

Sai Kiran


Dhanaloka Saikiran Varma (BFA, STATE AWARD MASTER CRAFTSMEN IN CHERIAL SCROLL PAINTING AND MASKS) son of state award winners D. Nageshwar and D. Padma, hails from Hyderabad, Telangana. He completed his Fine Arts from Sri Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts, Madhapur. Later he chose to carry on with his family tradition of Cherial Scroll Painting and Mask Making. He has conducted multiple workshops across the country.

Materials Required

  • Canvas or Drawing paper
  • Poster or acrylic paints
  • Black pen
  • Waste Papers
  • Colors
  • Pencil, Ruler and other basic stationery

The scope of creativity

Further prospects and application of what you will be learning

The techniques learned in this workshop can be used for creating a beautiful Cheriyal painting of your own which you can use to decorate your homes or gift to someone.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn!

  • More like a classroom

    Being a replay of an actual live workshop, where students interacted with the instructor, it will give you more of a classroom experience.

  • Longer durations and better creations

    Masterclasses are longer in length due to the profound focus on the art which in turn facilitates better output from the learners.

  • Get in touch with the artist

    You can get in touch with the artist through Instagram, and get clarifications & comments on your artwork!